Our Story

It all began one snowy day in my Mom's Kitchen....

I always loved to cook with Mom in the kitchen, the smell, the down home feeling, people gathering, the table set so beautiful with chrystal dishes and fine china and tomato juice served in chrystal glasses, then the presentation of the food.  I couldn't waite for everyone's response to mom's food. It wasn't gourmet; just simple but delicious. Mom would always do little things to make it that much more special. We always had our preserves at the table and she loved the colours like paprika on deviled eggs, pickled clove beets, radishes cut like roses, Icicle pickles and a variety of cheese were just some of her favorites.

I dont think Mom realized what she taught me. The balance of the meal, a healthy aspect, the presentation, and quality food. That is what my business is based on. I have taken that love and inspiration to create a healthy, clean eating lifestyle to share with everyone. With my experiance we have converted traditional recipes to lean modern recipes that still taste delicious without the extra fat.

Whether you order trays for a catered event, in-house chefing, have my staff and I cater your event, do a backyard BBQ, or see you at our cooking class - I have created it easy and tasteful for you to enjoy everyday and have healthy choices.  

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